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Thread: Where's the new FBX for LW?

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    Angry Where's the new FBX for LW?

    Hmmm just looking fot the newest FBM plugin for LW and it seems Autodesk left out Lightwave on the FBX 2006 release. Are they waiting for nine or are they just being a bully? I mean isn't it enough for them to drop the MB basic version. I wish I didn't have to use the FBX file.

    just ranting.
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    Just like Alias said nothing would change it from being open....(in regards to FBX)....So did Autodesk say that they would not touch or change Alias...

    Well, if you believed them...then I think I have the perfect high priced condo for you over a nuclear & toxic (pun intended) waste dump and land fill

    Cheers...or not
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