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Thread: Yikes! 7.5c update makes Modeler crash at launch

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    Yikes! 7.5c update makes Modeler crash at launch

    Not that I needed to but I installed 7.5c on my iBook to make sure it works before I put it on the work mac.

    Downloaded it, ok.
    Run the installer, ok.
    Run LW to see, ok, 7.5c on the titlebar.
    Run Modeler ... crash ... boom ... did not even get a glimpse of the workarea.

    Haven't had any problems with 7.5 on this machine.

    OS X 10.2.6
    iBook 800Mhz G3
    384MB memory

    Anyone else has the same problem?

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    Modeler Crash???

    Yes, I am getting the same Modeler crash when I installed 7.5c!
    I checked layout first, and it worked great. Even the DVview plugin works great.

    I am running OS 10.2.6. I hope we can get this resolved quickly. I like some of the plugin updates in 7.5c for mac.


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    *waits for 7.5d

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    I wonder if the old modeler will work in a 7.5c environment. Will give that a try first on Monday.

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    remember to log these issues formally with Newtek tech.

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    I'm getting the same crash problem from the Modeler only. I still had LW7.5b installer and I try 7.5b Modeler and it Booted correctly with all the 7.5c installs.

    B&W G3 350mhz .... soon to be 800 mhz
    ATI 7000
    1Gig RAM
    OS X 10.2.6

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    Why is it that it's getting harder and harder to find software that you can use without jumping through the hoops of bugs?

    I actually paid for Carrara 2 to see if I could just use that for simple projects that I would output to Flash, etc. (I'm still learning Lightwave). It's loaded with bugs and they haven't fixed them.

    Macromedia is famous for carrying over old bugs and not issuing free updates. Flash 5 was out for Windows for 2 years with not a single free update.

    Is there a developer out there that can get their software working the way it's suppose to?

    Sorry for the rant.

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    Installed 7.5c on my PB 12" G4 640M Ram OS 10.2.6, no crashes so far on either Modeller and LW.

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    crashed Modeler first few times i tried, but worked consistently after that. don't know why.

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    I just updated to 7.5c with no problems, in either Modeler or Layout.

    I'm using OS 10.2.6 on a 400 MHz G4 with 704 MB of ram.

    Even the third-party plugins that I've tested (G2, Hyper Smooth, Shadow Designer, Ozone, Tree Designer) are working perfectly.

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    G3 vs G4

    From the posts it looks like Modeler crashes on G3 but not on G4 machines.

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    More news More news

    I moved all my config files out of home/Libraries/Preferences and now I get an error instead of a crash, red exclamation mark on the dialog and everything:

    Application Launch Failure

    The application "(null)" could not be launched because of a shared library error:

    Anyone knows what that is?
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    Hey.. Im on a G4 dual 500, and I get a crash when I boot up the LightWave app. My modeler works perfect, but as soon as I open layout, I get some strange message saying that it can not read something. I can't remember, sence I uninstalled it and went back to previous version of 7.5. I don't know what to say really, they want us to buy there software for a high price and yet, it comes with more bugs then you can handle. As for now, ill stick with my old version of LightWave.. Im really hopeing they get the ***** in gear, because the mac side of this program is lacking. Oh well, back to the "no reduce polygons" side of things.


    (edit) I'm also running 10.1.5. Not sure if this is the reason or not? I guess I could always make the jump to 10.2...

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    No crashes so far here.

    G4 400
    Radeon 32Mb

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    G3 laptop vs G4 dual 800

    Modeler run's fine on my Dual 800 G4 but crashes on my G3 laptop.

    I was running lightwave modeler and layout fine on my G3 before the lightwave update. Now Modeler always gives me an unexpected quit error.

    Specs on my G3 Laptop

    400 mhz
    512 megs of ram
    osx 10.2.6

    Specs on my G4
    Dual 800
    ram 1.25
    osx 10.2.6

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