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Thread: LW 9 beta from 7.5 - HELP

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    LW 9 beta from 7.5 - HELP

    Hi all,
    i got my 8.0 yesterday in order to access 9.0 beta testing.
    Should i install and register EVEN 8.0 before 9 ? So it seems because in Newtek Europe i cannot access to 9 beta download without having registered 8.0 before.
    Should i *really* do all this to access to 9 ?


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    If you have your product lock ID handy and you haven't exchanged a dongle (which might change things) then you don't have to install 8 - but you will have to register it!

    Mind you, there's no saying what will be in or out of the content CD's when the full version of 9 is released. Might be worth installing 8 just for that.

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    i exchanged dongle to USB.
    reinstalled driver, installed 8.0 in very basic way.
    now i have my serial n and lock number, and i sent them to NT europe to get a license number.
    in fact i tried to download 9 beta just entering 8.0 serial but it says "it uis not a registered LW" (in fact it is not since i got it yesterday).
    When i'll get my license key i assume my 8.0 will be "registered", so i'll be able to download 9.
    Sad because tomorrow i'll travel to spain until sunday and i REALLY wanted to see 9 this evening !



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