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Thread: Matrix Reloaded

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    Matrix Reloaded

    Woohoo. I'm leaving in about a half hour to go see the Wednesday night preview of the Matrix Reloaded. It's going to rock.
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    Heres one version of matrix they dont show you. Sick but funny.
    The matrix parody
    Hello world!

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    saw the 10:15pm wednesday show.... whew... it was a long cold wait in line.

    no spoilers i promise.

    i was fully prepared to be disappointed by this movie. how could it possibly live up to the hype? and i was completely resigned to accept this movie as the pedestrian attempt harryknowles thought it was.

    and so it stuns me all the more when i discovered that it BLEW ME AWAY!

    and i have to wonder how jaded harry has to be to not have liked it all that much.

    as for the mainstream critics who pan this and the original - either they just don't get it or it is far too popular to be tolerated by their pretentions in any case. but they forget that in his day, shakespeare was popular too.

    anyhoo, i just walked out of the theater so i may be a bit shell shocked but man that was a [email protected]#$ing awesome movie!

    there's no getting away from the fact that many elements seem derivative. there are hints of Superman1, 2001, Little Buddha and Jesus movies all over the place. and of course, i think it goes without saying that many of the themes and arcs that action movie makers of a certain age end up revisiting are those that appeared in star wars.

    nonetheless, the work stands up on its own and it brings a hell of a lot of fresh and new ideas. not to mention twists and turns and revelations that will screw with your head until you get it all in revolutions.

    it is probably essentially one of the best comic book movies ever made. the power fantasy, the epic battles that is nothing short of the clashing of gods - the large, broad and yet sharply defined strokes. these are all evident in this movie - like the best of frank miller's comics, it re-invigorates ageold comic conventions with a modern take that is nonetheless compelling because it remains faithful to the original appeal of comics.

    the fx and action are all balls to the wall. and when the action stops, IT STOPS DEAD - and becomes one of the most cerebral expositions filled with verbiage ever to grace the silver screen.

    critics dismiss it as nonsensical drivel - but i think they may be too quick. it may be much more intelligent then they choose to admit. also, because of the unbelievable intensity (and duration) of the action scenes, the pacing DOES NOT SUFFER when philosophy is indulged. hell, it's a breather!

    but i will deflate one bit of hype - you can tell when the actors are CG. it's about as obvious as when it was in blade2. refined perhaps but no less instantly recognizable. it doesn't detract from the enjoyment but it's not a revolution in cgi. hell, technique wise, the original "array of still cameras" was more innovative an approach. most of the time in this film, you gotta cgi camera in a cgi scene with cgi actors with the camera moving in ways contrary to physics. that's nothing new and the last bit was something that fx people always tried to avoid.

    but part of the genius of the matrix movies (and a failing of every other wannabe) is that its diagesis JUSTIFIES walking around in all black floor length coats, kung fu in such coats and yes, wild *** impossible camera moves.

    its great stuff, a fantastic middle and it leaves you moist for the finale. go see it. it does not disappoint.


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    <skips past jins post - don't want to know ANYTHING about the film>

    Karl - that was very funny!!! I did a similar thing with the Kylie Minogue - Agent Provocatuer ad!
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    Going to the 2:15 showing today! Can't wait!

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    Uuugghh it looks too pretty for my tastes. I never really got why people liked the first one. But anyway I'm going nonetheless.

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    Well, here's my honest critique-no spoilers.

    The movie was about a half an hour too long. Other then the opening scene, the first hour of the movie dragged a bit and was kind of fat (meaning it could have been trimmed down). Some of the dialogue was a bit cheesy and Morpheus's rally to the people of Zion made me cringe a bit. It could have been done better.
    Having said that.
    It rocked. Effects were astounding and the action was great. The freeway scene was definately worth all the work that went into it. The work of Trinity with the Keymaker on the back of the bike riding against the flow of traffic will make you rip the arm rests out of the chair. Just be sure to take your drink out of the cupholder beforehand.
    I'll have to do that the second time around.

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    didn't make it this week - hopefully next. as a consolation, i did watch EQUILIBRIUM - it's not THE MATRIX, but it was pretty decent.
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    Spoilers marked.

    I was it at a 12:15pm Thursday:

    I have to say that The Matrix IS my favorite movie. with that:

    After seeing Reloaded it almost felt like Matrix IIart 1. It really felt like the second and third movies are really one movie split into two parts. The first movie stands on it's own better than this one.

    Did I hate it? No!
    Will I see it again? Of course!
    Will I see the third on opening day also? You bet!

    After talking to a few people most agreed that it was almost like a HUGE HUGE budget TV show that would be "continued next week".

    One big problem I had with the effects was that they used the bullet-time slowmoe during the CG scenes and they LOOKED CG. The agent jumping on the front of the car on the highway..looked funny. The burly bralw looked like a video game. Any time they used real actors and slowed it down it looked real. When they did that in the CG scene you got a good look at "hey that is CG! Is that Max Payne? Hahaha"

    It almost felt like they thought they could drop some of the storytelling the first movie had if they add in more fights too.

    *****Maybe a spoiler*****

    You are warned

    They really hyped the Twins (Neil and Adrian Rayment) and Persephone (Monica Bellucci) considering they were in the movie for maybe ten minutes. The architect was in it for just as long.

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    I'm not one of those pretentious critic types, and I thought the first Matrix was one of the best movies of all time, but Revolutions really disappointed me. I thought the first 30-40 minutes, with all the stuff in Zion, was absolutely rediculous, especially that Conan the Barbarian like diatribe by Morphius. Then, with all the fight scenes, even if the technical accomplishment was there, I couldn't get personally involved, because there was nothing at stake. I knew how it was going to end, and there was so much volume of action that it was just a mass of flailing bodies.

    The storyline was to convoluted and full of holes. A complex story is great, but this one just didn't tie it all together and it didn't have the brilliance of the first movie.

    As the movie went on, I kept hoping it would recover and live up to my expectations, and it did improve as it went along, but in the end, it didn't get it done.

    Oh well, I'm still fanatical enough about the original that I will be standing in line an hour or so before the first showing of revolutions this winter, still full of hope that it will be the greatest thing ever...


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    Originally posted by ericsmith
    I'm not one of those pretentious critic types, and I thought the first Matrix was one of the best movies of all time, but Revolutions really disappointed me.

    Wow you saw revolutions? Do you have a time machine?

    Your critique disappoints me then because that sounds just like Reloaded!

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    Sorry- reloaded, revolutions. Unfortunately, I think by the time it's over, no one will know the difference.


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    I am finally going to see the first matrix at least on TV....
    French channel2 sunday night....

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    i just came from the theater and i was disapointed....i think that the story was really bad...the visual effects were very nice in the other hand except for the 3d clothes that lacked wrinkles...loved the hiwghway sequence......i hated all the sequences in was wayyy too long and the aesthetics reminded me of a cheesy science fiction movie (all the "council" stuff beurkk we have seen taht soooo many times !!! (star trek, star wars, blablah)....
    i dunno u but i really prefered the first one because there was not so many "explanations" of what the matriw was...meetin the "architect" just broke the mistery.. and i dunno if u felt the same thing but Fishburne was pretty "fat", Belucci as well and trinity too....should take care of what they are eatin?

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