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Thread: game exporter docs

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    game exporter docs

    hello i just noticed after updating to 7.5b that there is a file in the online docs folder called game exporter docs after reading this i have one question where are they

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    I just looked at these for the first time. According to teh docs they are:

    This is the directory structure:

    LwPlugins project contains the LightWave plugins:
    I have everything dumped into one folder and that contains four html files.

    No sign of any plugins where they should be.
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    yea i have looked all over as well even downloaded the newes sdk and no go

    here is an interesting note the date at the top of the doc says

    Release Notes - september 27th, 2001

    so what happened here Newtek

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    If you can find it on the main site via search, there was an announcement way back when that a game kit like gmax thing was in the works.

    Funny enuf, it never ever saw the light of day.

    The files/docs are prolly just remainents of that program. Although this does prove that NT doesn't do much in the way of checking their releases, since they are still in there.

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    yea i remeber the gametek thing i wish it would have come to pass


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