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Thread: Dongle problem, linking F12

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    Dongle problem, linking F12

    A bit of help please, when I plug the dongle in and start layout it gives an error message (not responding) with a blank gray screen.
    When I start Layout without the dongle it goes into Discovery mode.
    How do I link Modeler to layout so that F12 is active?
    Any help would be appreciated thanx.

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    Is your dongle defective maybe? This would cause the misload of Layout. Also, are your security settings set up to accept permissions from Lightwave and Modeler? The Hub which connects the two programs uses TCIP (?) protocalls. Two firewalls can also affect loading and conflicts/problems with programs.

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    Hello Tony
    James is correct Firewall applications can cause either LightWave or Modeler to stop responding when opening. Upon opening the application they will try to access TCP\IP Protocols to connect Modeler the Hub and Layout together. Giving all three exception rights will allow them to connect properly.
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