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Thread: Vanishing layers in Layout - Need help urgently!

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    Vanishing layers in Layout - Need help urgently!


    I've got to make an informal presentation tomorrow. Part of this is a real-time animation sequence that I'm putting together using basic key-frames. The secene is comprised of 8 layers, which contain around 40,000 polys. The problem I've run into is that whenever I playback the sequence, parts of it disappear. Is their anyway to remedy this? I arranged a similar scene that was equally complex earlier this year and didn't have any trouble.

    I know that if I was to render the scene then this wouldn't be a problem, but the sequence has to be in real-time so that I can zoom in/out and pan around in order to highlight certain aspects.

    If someone can help me out with this, I'd be most grateful.


    PS: I'm using v7.0

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    I just found the answer here:

    Apologies for not searching the site first. I was in a bit of a panic, you see.

    What a relief!


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