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Thread: Very cheap Windows XP

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    Lightbulb Very cheap Windows XP

    Some poor soul in one of these threads was stuck on WinMe. So I'm posting this to point out that for students at a college or university (or someone who signs up for a class to get cheap software ) you can get WindowsXP Pro for $50. (It actually went up--I got mine last semester and it was only $25

    Needless to say it's without any documentation (just like the commercial version ) but it's still quite inexpensive, especially for XP Pro)

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    Do u know if this also applies to the UK?

    uh wha?

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    If i'd study computer science instead of IT i'd get MS OSes for free
    Although MS says "The MSDN Academic Alliance is an annual membership program for technical departments in the area of Computer Science, Engineering, and Information Systems."
    Have to check back if i really can't get it when i've time...

    Maybe some people here are students too and their university distributes MSDN Academic Alliance Software.


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