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Thread: LW grouping errors

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    LW grouping errors

    Ok, I'm at wit's end.

    I load my uv mapped lwo, and check the grouping. Its the way I want it.

    I export a wavefront obj of it, and load that in.. but the grouping has changed to a previous state!

    I reload my lwo to make sure I had it grouped right, and it's correct, but any exported objs have screwed grouping.

    I need the obj in wavefront format.. any ideas??
    Gary Tabar Jr.

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    I don't even know what grouping means...
    I Uv texture a lot but this term is new to me... sorry.
    Care to elaborate, or am I just ignorant?

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    Not too sure either, but sounds like copying all the uv and pasting them into one.
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    A Wavefront OBJ file contains only one polygon object that has one or more materials used for the polygons.

    Example: A LWO file has 3 layers that use 4, 2 and 1 surfaces respectively. The OBJ file will contain one object / layer and 7 materials.

    Several grouping types can be present in an OBJ file. The "g" key word identifies a group. Once a group is specified it is in force for all following vertices and polygons until superceded by another group. In general, software reading OBJ files either ignore the "g" key word, if present, or abort reading the file when it is encountered.


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