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Thread: preview problem

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    preview problem

    Just installed LW 7.5 as upgrade from 5.5. But now I can't get a preview-view. The make preview works, and the preview play runs, but there's nothing to see in any window.
    In options there are no possibilities to select a display format: this is greyed out.
    Any ideas?

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    Does your graphics card work properly with OpenGL? Are your Quicktime and Video for Windows properly installed? At the moment these are the only two things I can think of.

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    Hi Mylene,
    Thans for your response.
    Open GL is OK: I can see rendered frames
    VfW is OK: I can load and play movies. Same for QT.

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    Hi jozefus,

    Try this. Go to the scene editor and change everything to
    wireframe. Then try the preview. If that works change it back to textured OpenGL and try it again. If it works then cool if not your GL card might not have enough memory.
    What kind/brand card are you using? Amount of mem?


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    Originally posted by jozefus
    Open GL is OK: I can see rendered frames
    This means nothing. Rendered frames are show by DirectX/GDI not by OpenGL.

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    Wireframe also doesn't work.
    The card I use is a Matrox G450 dual head, 32 MB.
    Maybe because I use two monitors? Although dragging windows to the other monitor didn't help.
    I will try switching the card back to one monitor and see what happens. Thanks for your suggestions. Keep you informed.

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    Yick, Matrox.... Get an Nvidia card. A cheap $40-50 Geforce 4 MX will be better than a Matrox.

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    Hi jozefus,

    Yeah like Matt said the Matrox cards aren't very good for 3d and OpenGL they are primarily made for video editing. Stay away from ATI cards as they are good gamer cards but have always had bad OpenGL support. Get a cheap nVidia GeForce card. I would recommend at least a Ti4200 or better for dual monitor support and performance.


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    Hi JS!
    Thanks for your reaction.
    I looked at the GeForce Ti 4400 but I can't find the information I need: How to connect two flatscreen monitors? And is it also suitable for video? Because I use the same machine for animation and for video-editing.
    Maybe you can give me a link where I can find more info.
    I already visited the nvidia site but the info there is quite less.

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    When you say flatscreen monitors do you mean LCD digital or analog flatscreen CRTs? nVidia doesn't actually make the video cards. They make the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).
    Also the 4200 that I have has two video outs. One is a DVI and the other is analog vga. Since I have two analog 19" CRTs I had to get a DVI to VGA adapter to use both outputs. If you have two DVI screens I assume you would need a VGA to DVI for the second screen. Or maybe some cards have 2 DVI outs.
    Look around there are several companies that make nVidia based cards. Just type "GeForce" into google and you'll see whats available.


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    That helps!
    I've two analog VGA-monitors 1024 x 768, but I didn't know that a DVI to analog VGA converter exists. That makes it much more easier to find a suitable graphics card, because I found several of them while I was seaching for a card with two analog VGA outputs.
    I now know that there's much more choice than I supposed.

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    Go to your documents and setting, look for the lw3.cfg.
    Open up and scroll to the "previewOptions" Change the numbers behind it to 1 0 1 1. Save it and try to make preview now, should be able to play now.


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    Hello Ben,
    It took awhile because of holidays, but yesterday I changed the PreviewOptions as you said and voila! It's working perfectly now.
    Thank you very much for your advice. Great help!

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    no problem

    hi there, no problem just helping out. : )

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    I have the same problem (I'll have to try the preview options like you say) It randomly started happening one day on my Gloria II, and continued to happen on my new FX5600. It's probably a driver issue. I had spent a lot of time experimenting with different driver versions for the multi-monitor setup to get overlay and OGL support accros all displays. Do you know specifically what those options set in the config file tho. just a curious mind .

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