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Thread: Dongle Swapping

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    Dongle Swapping

    I've just received my new USB dongle, swapping the Parallel.
    Kudos to Newtek Europe for the ultra quick service.

    I wonder if I need to uninstall the Sentinel Driver now, or if the driver now recognises the USB.

    Any guidance ?

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    Must admit, I just slapped mine on and it was fine. Some have had problems were they've needed to do a full un-install of the Sentinel Drivers and re-install the latest to get it to work. If you want to be ultra-careful, that's probably the route to take
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    I suppose it depends on what version of Lightwave you are using. I was using 8.3 when I lost my serial dongle (doh!) and I belive that came with updated Sentinal drivers, so when I got my replacement USB Dongle I just popped it in and all worked fine.

    Never did find my old Dongle...
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