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Thread: Vue 5

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    Vue 5

    I'm a LW[8.5] user and got an offer to upgrade to LW[9] + Vue 5.-
    But can anyone tell me what Vue 5 is. I've downloaded the demo and found out it's a kind of a landscape generator? Is it a useful program when working with LW ? What's the difference between Esprit and Infinite ?

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    If you do a search on Vue Infinite in the NewTek forums you'll see a lot of discussion on this already. It should give you some idea on what Vue is (yes it is a landscape generator) as well as it's limitations and strengths.

    The main difference b/w Esprit and Infinite can be found here.

    In the end the LW/Infinite bundle deal is a bargain. Basically you're getting LW 9 for free and a few hundred bucks of Vue!
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