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Thread: Does this setup make sense?

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    Does this setup make sense?

    Hi -
    I believe my thinking is correct- but I thought I'd check with people with some actual SNet experience-
    We are setting up SNet and my thought is to use a slower machine(G4 dual 1Gh Mac) as the host instead of a G5 dual 2Gh Mac- Let the dual 2Gh do some rendering. WIll have 5 to 7 other machines connected to the farm.

    We also have a single G4 800Mhz sitting around- Its so slow we don't use it for rendering, but would it be efficient at all to use it as a host?

    I think you see my reasoning-but if not I could clarify more.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated--Thanks


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    The way I look at it, each computer renders one frame at a time, so if the slow computer does not render then it is not in the equation. The only thing you would need to worry about is the speed of the network and the hard drive. But I doubt they would be much of a factor. I am trying to remember if the entire scene is sent to each computer to be render out or the host sends a frame to each computer. I think it is the former.
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    Hi Scott,

    I think you certainly could use your slower mac as a host, especially if you are using a third party render controller (and I'm not just saying that because I make one). I have had mine happily running on a 450MHz G4.

    Keep in mind that you can get maximum efficency from your render farm by running one instance of ScreamerNet for each CPU. If you have a dual 2GHz Mac, you should run two Screamernets on it at the same time, so that each CPU is working to its full potential.

    If you use your slower single CPU Mac as your host, then you will be able to make use of your dual 1Ghz, as two extra render nodes if you want.

    The only thing that could be a little tricky is the location of your LightWave content directory. Do you use a server for this, or does it normally reside on your host Mac?

    Incidentally Silkrooster, each node only has to load a scene once at the beginning of a render.


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    Thanks for the replies guys-

    Since post we have purchased Render Commander(Thanks Bruce-). Render Commander is awesome. We made our 800Mhz G4 server the host-Realised we must upgrade the server software to log onto more than 10 computers. Right now we have 11 dual processors-so 22 nodes going- Man-It starts the adrenaline flowin to watch ScNet do its thing!! Can't wait until our 2 new dual-core G5s come in and hook them up--How FAST do we want to GO-

    When the dual-cores do come in-Is it true that we could set up 4 render nodes on each machine? That would get us up to 30 nodes-How cool would that be-

    I want to thank everyone out there for all the sharing of knowledge and experience- It makes for a great community and a happier world all around-(apologies for getting mushy)

    Launch ScNet a be happy-


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