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Thread: LW 9 Manual with DVD case? and Q. about Vue

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    Question LW 9 Manual with DVD case? and Q. about Vue

    Looking at the LW buy now page, I see the $395 LW9 ships in a box with a PDF manual, and the $495 LW9 ships in a DVD case with a printed manual.
    I assume this is an error? I would assume that the printed manual would fit in the box better than a DVD case. Do correct me if I'm seeing this wrong.

    And, for those that pre-ordered LW9, is VUE an electronic download or strictly delivered via mail?

    Thanks for any responses!

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    Yeah that is probably an error. The printed manual will definately not fit in a DVD case.

    VUE comes on a CD-ROM that was mailed to me. I am fairly certain it is not available as a download but I never asked.

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    I purchased the upgrade with the pdf manual, Infinite, as I understand it can only be a cd purchase because of the way E-on handles their licensing. I was able to pick this up at a local software store so I saved the shipping costs.

    Recieved the CD's for Infinte that ship ahead of LW9, but there appears to be no pdf manual on either CD.

    Neither the LW serial number that was listed on the cd case nor my real serial number from Newtek worked during the installation of Infinite (which wouldn't run without it), so I'll have to call E-on on Monday to ask about this (and while I'm at it ask about the manual).


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    As I recall...
    LW 8.3 w/ printed manual shipped to me in a box approx. 12"x12"x4"deep and the manual is about 1500 pgs. b/w in a fat heavy binder. Vue Infinite was included in the box on a CD. The Vue manual is included on the CD in a lovely color .PDF file approx. 27MB (~600 pgs).

    There is a lengthy thread covering the convoluted Vue registration process that may help if you are having problems. It works, but is kind of quirky and involves two (or more) steps.

    Regrets: I should have waited to buy the prinited manual of LW 9 (vs. 8.3) and just used the .PDF manual until release of v.9.
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    The box size you mention is true for US customers, but European customers get a manual that fits in roughly the same sized box as for LightWave 7.5.

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