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Thread: need models of Venice type/looking buildings etc

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    need models of Venice type/looking buildings etc

    Hi guys i might have a Venice themed project coming up and need some models of Venice looking buildings - bridges boats canals etc.

    Any idea where to find some - there's a bridge on turobosquid but need more than that.

    thanks lude.

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    I had a same project "italian architecture" but I am afraid , it's too specific to find object for free...

    you have to do it from scratch...
    Mourad K.

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    Try over at -- they have tons of models for free, most of them for poser, but usually the poser props come in obj format that you can open in LW and texture yourself.

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    marlin studio textures

    If you have a look at the "great textures of europe " by marlin studios you won't find 3d models, but a lot of textures of venician building that might be useful anyway..
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