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Thread: Easy Sparks! anyone?

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    Easy Sparks! anyone?

    I have seen all the sparks tutorials out there. They all kind of do not meet the mark of excellence. Not the tutorials themselves, but the final render stinks. Isn't there a preset or something that we can tweak? 3ds can do this easily-blah blah bah, XSI no problem, Maya consider it done. Lightwave-no go. Attach pertigon etc... I have attached an HV to a partgon emitter(I think this is what I did) and had some success, but it still looks kind of wonky. Good sparks, good sparks etc...

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    I feel your pain. I use particle illusion, and it fills the bill quite well. It is not LW native as it is 2d, but comps well.

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    I've never had any problems with sparks with partigon emitter, put a surface on them [gradient to add effect of hot to cold], set a glow on them, then turn on particle blur under camera properties. Render away.

    They look as good as the real stuff.

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    Gotta say, i've had MUCH more luck using HV in lightwave than using any other sprite or volumetric system in any other software. I also find the particles are easier to edit and get something looking good.

    As WizCraker says, just add a bit of glow and even flying lumps of yellow turd will still look a bit like sparks.
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