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Thread: Importing from CAD program

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    Importing from CAD program

    We have just resurrected a copy of Lightwave 6 and are currently waiting for the copy of LW8 to arrive. Working with a Dual 2.0 G5, 4 Gig Ram, OSX 10.4.2.
    We have a client that is working with CAD program and would like to import some of the 3D elements into LW.
    Do to my inexperience with both LW and CAD I am not sure what is the best file format for CAD program to export.
    What is LW capable of importing? Is there a LW8 manual online that I can look through while I wait for the upgrade?
    I know these must seem like basic questions but we all have to start sometime.

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    Most if not all cad programs can export to dxf, the problem is the cad version of dxf uses 3dsplines while lw version of dxf uses 3dfaces. The work around is there are plugings available that can import the cad version of dxf they are listed on
    Other than that you will need to get a translator program I beleive Right Hemisphere has one.
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    I've had success with these formats:


    DXF (3D)
    Wavefront OBJ
    STL (using an STL importer, there's a free one available off

    2D (plans etc.)

    DXF (2D) / DWG -> imported into Adobe Illustrator -> Saved out as .AI / .EPS (v8) -> imported into Modeller using the Import EPS function. Works wonderfully!

    You can forget IGES, it's just a pain in the *** to get a good import.

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