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Thread: Multi UVs in LW possible?

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    Multi UVs in LW possible?

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    You can create a UV map not in 0-1 space, but can't use them separately. That is to say, you can't reference a 1-2 space separately from a 0-1 space. it will basically be as if you moved the UV's back to 0-1 space, it just makes it easier to see separate parts using the same UV areas. Or is this what you meant? Just try it and see....
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    Instead of defining another UV-space then the 0-1 range you could create a weight map as an alpha channel for each UV-space. This way you can leave the UV-texture setting to tile but not affect the poly's that are in another UV-space.

    So if you're using the 0-1 UV-space, the 1-2 UV-space and the 0-3 UV-space create 3 weightmaps in which you include the poly's that are in eich UV-space and add an alpha weighmap layer on top of your texture.

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    I do that all to the time. Great for quickly patching over Seams.
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