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    Question SFX for film

    Im starting to experiment with making cg for real film (Like explotions, weightless wather, lightsabres, robots etc. ) and was wondering if anyone has any links for tutorials, introductions or anything that describes tips and tricks and what software besides Lightwave I need (Probably Photoshop and premier or similar). All the things i find is on stills (I have experimented with showing a quicktime moviefile on a square, but it seems to me that its gonna be difficoult to control a moving camera?) I know the basics, and i kinda know how im gonna do things.. but its the hard way So any directions showing or telling anything usefull on the subject will be much appresiated

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    For a lot of stuff you could check out

    theres bits on After FX and other apps that cover things like the Star Wars opening crawl, lightsabers and the like...

    Its not pro stuff but it'll put you on the right track...
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    Tank you a lot, this really helped me, the only thing that botheres me, is that Lightwave is not mentioned anywere, I was kinda hoping that theese kind of effects could be made easily with Lightwave?

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    of course you can just use lightwave to creat composite fx combining real footage and 3d alelments such as hypervoxel explosions or 3d alien monsters etc....yet a composite app is always going to be nice to have to take full advantage of your fx that you create in lightwav and use with real camcorder/film footage

    lightwave can do front projection mapping and also load up footage into the background no problemo!

    it can also create a shadow catcher to make 3d elements sit into footage as well........

    aura, combustion and after fx extend the abilities of using lightwave WITH footage from film, video etc
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    Whow.. that was a quick reply
    So combustion can be used close together with Lightwave (im thinking i terms of exporting particles objects and such) or will other programs be better suited for this?

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    I'd also take a look at Eyeon's DFX+

    I received a copy with a Lightwave upgrade promotion and have used it many times since then. I loved the training manual which walks you through creating the effects for a sci-fi-ish movie and has you doing everything from explosions, green-screen, wire removal, plate tracking, you name it. And it was fun doing it!

    There are a lot of studios out there using Lightwave and DFX+ on feature films and TV series work. Check out Eyeon's gallery for a sampling of the things composited in DFX and peruse the massive tutorials section.

    I agree that Combustion is a great tool as well but I have had a blast using DFX+!


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    That is really cool.. thx Philthorn I am watching tutorials and playni with the demol version which is a full version with no timelimit, only with watermarks on final renders. thx for the link. Are also tring to get my hands of the demo version of combustion, just in order to compare.

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    Have to say I prefer DFX to Combustion, but Combustion does offer a wider range of base features for the money, 16bit colour, painting etc.

    Also, if your looking for actual 'Film FX' for the cinema rather than video, then the choice would be Combustion v Digital Fusion rather than Combustion v DFX+, You'll need those extra bits per channel.

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    with only a small amount of time with digital fusion+ compared to combustion 1 and 2 which i got as an upgrade from discreet effect and paint i personally prefer combustion as it's quite logical and doesn't rely on node based composites but can do layer or nodelike workflow plus my other 3d app, studio max can create a combustion workspce right out of 3dsmax..that and having nice 2d particles in combustion plus other stuff like floating point colour space......

    also have a look at after effects and mirage as well

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    real name: steve gilbert

    Q - How many polys?
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