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Thread: instancing and referencing copies

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    instancing and referencing copies

    would be nice to have a copy command that could instance or reference..also would be nice to have a drag/copy in layout where the disctance you drag the copy to, away from the origonal can set the distance for the multiple instances where a dialog box pops up for the number of copies/instances....ideal for posts/trees/rivets whatever...[take a look at 3dsmax/gmax/plasma]

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    Instancing rules...

    I LW you can get away with some cloning and setting those clones' visibility to bounding box, but you better have a sh*tload of memory in your computer for this.

    I more than often have to do corporate presentations and i can tell you that a already heavy scene doesn't act happy when you add another couple of hundred chairs and tables to it for some press presentations...


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