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Thread: BRDF still hosed in 8.3?

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    BRDF still hosed in 8.3?

    I thought this bug was fixed in 8.3 but I'm still not able to load BRDF shader data from a preset. I get this error message when I try:

    Could not create data object for BRDF plug-in

    I use the PShelf Metals collection alot, which makes heavy use of this shader.
    Mitch A

  2. #2 this bug fixed in 8.5 or am I the only person to have this problem?
    Mitch A

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    Hmmm, seems like a problem... i don't get the error message, but can't get BRDF shader to load with a surface when i save it as a preset. Poor old BRDF shader, it always seems to have some problem or other. Time for a rehaul with the anisotropic shader Newtek!
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    Still hosed! I am a beginner with Lightwave and I keep hitting all kinds of road blocks, poor documentation, things that should work that don't etc... It took me a full day to figure out that BRDF did not copy over. I kept looking at the Mini Cooper texturing tutorial in LW 3D 8 Texturing book, the books looks awesome, mine looks dull and soooucks big time. I thought it was me -nope- it's all Lightwave. My head is seriously starting to hurt from broken stuff and work arounds! Next up, UV mapping! Wish me luck! I'll need it.


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