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Thread: Reflecting a light source

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    Reflecting a light source

    I am trying to match some live footage of this ladder shot in a studio. On the footage I have I can see very sharp lines in the ladders reflections where the lights are hitting the ladder.

    Attached is the image I have rendered and it's close, but I want to see more of the light source reflecting in the metal - any suggestions? I am using a basic 3 point lighting setup with 3 area lights and a 4th in the same place as the key that is only effecting specular values as area lights do not give much specular highlights.

    Please help - thanks
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    You could either scale the area light down, so the spec isn't spread out as much, increase the gloss on the meatal, or swap the area light with a distant light.

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    You could also try painting a reflection map to get those highlights.

    I find that decent reflection maps can be crucial to a decent studio lighting set up. Or have a look at the A5 Scene from Meni included with LW on how to place light strips that don't actually light the scene, but get reflected in objects.


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    HDR images make awesome reflection maps too.
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    Yeah, where can I get my hands on HDR image maps? Is there a site I can download them free?

    Thanks for your commenta

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    You should be able to find some in the LW Content directory, under Images/HDR. Also try a Google image search - they're usually free
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