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Thread: Cat with saslite

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    Cat with saslite


    Please give your comments to my saslite cat.
    This tread started in the old forum.

    The nose could be a little smaller you are right
    but I modeled with template in modeler.
    The color I will change to something else than blue.

    I use the max. 8 instances of saslite for my subdivision cat.
    The trick is to use different settings for head, neck and body
    area. You have to tweak alot and test render.
    Lighting is also important. I use one key and 3 fill lights.
    I started with the face fur, than neck and body with increasing
    lenght of fur for each saslite instance.

    The model has about 850 poly (without eyes).
    The head has short fur with 250% and no frizz. But the most important
    is the comb.bias Z to 100% aft and minimum of droping.
    I was not able to have settings that look good from different
    camera angles.
    Please show your saslite pictures and let us share
    setting and tips.

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    Here is the layout view of my cat

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    Please give some comments

    and why have my letter sign a black dot


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    Nice work so far.

    I would suggest taking the hair out of the ears. The inside of the ears do not have hair in them, and are usually a flesh/pinkish color.

    You might want to make the edge of the eyelids a little bit smaller, the black part seems a little wide. Unless your going for a blue cat, you may want to change the color.

    I could be wrong, but I can't ever recall seeing a cat that shade of blue.

    But really, nice work so far, that's not an easy model to make or rig.

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    You need thicker hair, there's too much spec showing through from the base surface.

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    Well, the hair is pretty good I think, especially since you're using saslite which is quite a bit limited compared to the full version of sas.

    But I would definately try a different color...

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    Looks great, i kinda like how uv been quite sparing with the sas hair cos its easy to go over the top, for the most part hair on a cat would look quite flat and shiny with tufty bits in places around the ears etc...

    uh wha?

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    Cute cat!

    If this is not meant to be an anthropomorphized character, the eyes might look rounder and the irises bigger. When a cat's eyes look straight ahead, you don't usually see the whites of the cat's eyes. Cats have huge eyes!

    As for blue's a site with a few pictures of the Russian Blue breed of cat:

    ...for what it's worth.

    *loves cats!*
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    Thank you for your comments so far.

    The eyes have to be bigger right. I just looked at my own cat and saw that there is more yellow than white in the eyes.
    Color of fur I will change also. My cat has long hair in her ears
    and it is not pink. Maybe she is not normal .


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    heres some piccies of my cat (real)
    in case you need reference
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    and another
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    I`m so jealous!

    That is one gorgeous, black cat you have there!

    The model`s coming on nicely. Just one or two things...

    The shape of the mesh is that of a fur-clad cat. Since you`re using Saquatch to clothe it in fur, why not model a `naked` cat and fluff it out with the real thing? You can look at `Sphinx` cat breed refs for an estimate of what a bald cat looks like. Alternatively you could drop your own in the bath, but I would seriously NOT recommend that!

    Cat temples are really far inside sparse fur. The neck is very spindly and only looks thick because of a ruff of fur there.

    The other point is about the eyes. As Celshader said, you really don`t see the whites of cats` eyes. The yellow or green bit is not their version of our whites, but in fact the iris, filling the whole eye.

    The shape of the pupils on your model is a pure circle. This is just about right for very low light level scenes, but the typical shape is more like a Zulu shield; a vertical oval, with sharp points top and bottom. If you`re animating you could have morphs for the two extremes, ( and probably could get them linked to a scene light, but I have no idea about expressions )

    You`ve inspired me. When I get the time, one day I`ll have a go at a cat too!

    Good luck with the improvements!


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    Hi Rory_L,

    you are right. The mistake Ii made was that I have not planed ahead and just started modeling the head of the cat without knowing what to do later (fur, rig and so on). So I can only recommend to all that you have to think about your project twice before starting anything. In my case it is not a problem because I modeled only to have a quadruple for learning rigging.
    I hope to update soon and send new pictures.


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    I see! Yep: good advice! We should always think our projects through

    Looking forward to more pics and the animation!


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    Arrow other cat images

    I love cats.
    I have some referrence pix, too:
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