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Thread: Where can I find the archives of NewTek's original forum?

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    This New Forum? Can I Get To All The Old Post From The Old Forum

    I was wondering if I do a search can I get to all the old information from the old forum?

    Cause I use it alot when I run into problems.

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    the old forums will still be online but you won't be able to post to them

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    How do I get to it

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    I still think the old forum should be compiled into an offline reference ppl can download, with some sort of search function, a bit like microsoft has done for programming in c++ with there MSDN library.


    EDIT: PS: could also be included on future lightwave cd's with some sort of front end to it that lets the user search it a bit like u would a help file, anyone else like the idea?
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    uh wha?

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    The link setup to get to the old forums was not supposed to change, but our plans went awry there somewhere!

    You'll find them at this location:

    And on the left hand menu is the keyword search option. Direct links that you have saved for particular threads or messages should still work.
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    You said something about some posts being removed that may of contained incorrect info and stuff like that. Has that happened yet or are they still working on that?

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    I have to admit, there is still a lot of goodness in the old forums. We just need some way to extract the perls and dump the Krap.

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    There is lots of useful stuff in the old forum. I often go in there and search for an answer to a technical question. Usually I find what I'm looking for.

    There's so much stuff it would be impossible for anyone to catalog it or sort it out.

    I hope the bulk of it stays searchable.

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    I like going back and seeing some of the stuff that I did early on. It's good to see I've improved since then.

    But, I also find lots of answers there still.

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    Newtek Forums, old and current are a real treasure

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    nice try

    Hey Guys,


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    If anyone would like to compile the perls of wisdom from the old forum maybe we could re-post them on a new thread or something to that exstent
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    Architecture and Vislualization

    Where did all the threads go? They dont seem to be in the archive ( ...

    I count 4 threads left.
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    If it helps, there are 'LightWave v9.6 Discussions" at the very bottom of Forum.php page (scroll beyond other programs).
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