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Thread: Exporting Camera To A Kuper Moco Rig

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    Exporting Camera To A Kuper Moco Rig

    How do I export a camera move from LW so it can be used in a Kuper moco system?

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    Well, you could use an in-house plugin that I wrote for that task some time ago. It actually allowed you to drive a kuper controls rig frame by frame for a stop motion film, so it doesn't really export one file to import.

    In general, for realtime camera work, this is a bit hard to do.
    Basically you have to rebuild your moco rig completely in LW because (the rigs that I know) don't just let you position the camera in XYZ, but require angles for the different parts of the rig.
    Also, you have to be aware of certain limitations of the moco rig, such as a max acceleration allowed for certain parts (you wouldn't want the rig to fly apart).

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