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Thread: fuu integration between modeler and layout

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    fuu integration between modeler and layout

    full integration between modeler and layout. let us animate all modifiers. and an option that allows users to have lightwave as an integrated one piece software or as it is. this option may be selected if user wishes to work as in 3ds max or c4d...

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    Go away, you #@$%& !!! Not once more such a discussion. If you don't like LW, play with MAX or C4D.

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    gettin all threads Mylenium ???


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    correct me please if i'm wrong here but to have an intergrated application IS a feature what's your problem?

    if you feel you beloved lightwave will suffer so much because of this feature request be so kind as to outline just "what" the terrible prospect would be please?

    all the following apps have a unified interface and i don't see those users running from them to lightwave in hoards throwing the evil maya/softimage into the gutter in disgust and embracing lightwave....and praising the merits of separate modeler and layout...

    if your not happy at the have to have a better argument that "**** off you *******" it just dosn't work that way!

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    I would love to see them get integrated...
    Another reason to ditch Maya and Mac for more reasons (i often have to step to those packages to get certain things done within a normal production time...just try to Image model in Lightwave for example...)

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    i vote for integration.

    down with the hub!

    specifically, I vote for intergation of Layout and Modeler into one application, where the user can open a new window for modeling and a new window for layout. This way, Lightwave would have virtually no UI changes.


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