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Thread: Selling My Lightwave 8 +training Cds

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    Selling My Lightwave 8 +training Cds

    Hey all, I am in the process of getting rid of my lightwave 8.x program to put all of my focus on my programming right now. What I am selling is lightwave 8 Full Program with the program CD, content cd 1 & 2, and the bonus disc. I am also throwing in to the deal Lightwave Vehicle modeling 1 & 2 training cd, IK Booster traing cd, bone tools training cd, as well as the lightwave 8 signature course cd( 10 in total avi format for windows pc ). now that is over 1800 dollars worth of software and training and my asking price is only 600 dollars or highest bidder. if you are interested in buying this from me you can contact me at [email protected]. I will do paypal or check by mial but if you do check by mail i must get the check and have it clear before it send the product. thank you.

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    someone has offered me 400 for just the lightwave so if anyone wants in on the 600 dollar deal i will still have it until tomorrow night.


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