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Thread: Current Mac/PC Dongle Situation

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    Current Mac/PC Dongle Situation

    Does anyone know what the current situation is concerning using my mac LW version on a PC? Do I have to turn in my mac dongle for a PC Dongle or is the dongle dual?


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    I'm assuming you have the USB dongle here.

    Look and see if the word "DUO" is stamped into the plastic on either side of the dongle. If it is, you have a Mac/PC dongle. If it isn't, you have a Mac-only dongle.

    If you do have a Mac-only dongle, contact Customer Service at 1-800-TOASTER or [email protected], and they can give you details about upgrading to a DUO dongle.

    If you do have a DUO dongle, there is no charge for installing LightWave on a Mac and/or a PC. However, you will need to contact Customer Service, because Macs and PCs do not generate the same Hardware Lock ID, which means they use different Permanent License Keys as well.
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