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Thread: Lightwave to DirectX file format

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    Lightwave to DirectX file format

    I recently bought Lightwave after seeing it demo'ed at Akon-16. I have been doing a lot of experimenting with 3d packages, and found this one fit me best. The one thing that I found lacking in it was the support for the DirectX file format (.X - also known as X files) natively. Not that other 3d apps support it directly, but this one seemed to support it the least. When I questioned the demonstrator, he simply replied that it could export files to multiple other formats, which in turn were bound to have converters to X files. This is great, but unless I own the other apps, it doesn't do me much good. Because I was a long term Amiga fan, and a great deal for this software, I bought it, and began my search for being able to use this incredible app to make X files. Here is what I have found so far, and as I find more I will add onto this thread. I hope anyone with any knowledge will add onto also. If you don't have an account here, email me at [email protected], and I will gladly post it.

    I will start out with some rough steps, and add to them later.

    First, I found a free plug-in called D-Storm. The site is in native Japanese, but there is a link in the top right for English translations.

    Make sure you get Ver. 1.3.2. They claim it supports Lightwave 8. Unzip it.
    In Modeler, under the utilities tab, click Plugins|Add PlugIns. . From the unzipping, there is a sub directory called Windows. Choose DX3D.p. Now, from the Edit menu, configure the menu, add the exporter to what ever node you want. In modeler, it will also automatically appear under the ‘Additional’ sub menu. However, for Layout, you have to do one more step. To make it work, I dragged the plugin to my File|Export menu in Modeler. To add this to Layout, I opened the ‘edit menu layout’ under the edit menu. Under File, you should see Export DirectX now. Drag this to your favorite menu spot. It didn’t appear under ‘Additional’ for me in the Layout app by default.

    I am now just experimenting with this plug-in, but I have read from others that to export animations, there needs to be a key frame at the start and end of the loop, other wise it will crash. As I learn this software more, I will add on. Again, if any of you have info, please tell. There are other costly exporters out there, namely Polytrans, but I am not in the situation where I can purchase that yet, nor do I need all the abilities that it provides.


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    Well, I have to agree that it is difficult ot find .x support from LW. I guess this one should be included on a future release, but as many have commented LW is a "cover all bases" tool. It serves well in many fields, and they can only give programming time to those features most useful to users. I guess that maybe .x support is not high enough on their priorities, but I guess it is somewhere in the queue.

    I have also experimented on d-storm plugin and found it to be interesting enough to make use of it.

    There is also the FBX converter, which has an SDK, maybe there could be someone programming a converter from FBX to .x which would be an interesting solution.
    It's not impossible, just unlikely.


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