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    Smile Interior

    Hi guys...This is my 1st time using LW to render Interior, pls comments. i hope i can improve in lighting....
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    good start.

    turn your ambient way down. everything is washed out - no contrast.

    please turn on anti aliasing.

    start with one light and work your way from that - fall off works well.
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    I think you really got the shapes right and they are very good, but the texturing is not working for you...

    You need to work on texturing, I canīt give you any specific tips, except to point out that the glass shelves (that I assume is under the bottles) are invisible, so you need to work on texturing my friend.

    But I think you got the shapes and modelling up to a very good level!

    Keep up the good work!
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    thks for the comments. i just wonder how to make my background misty...


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