I'm not sure why but everytime I had to write/edit expressions it feels like pulling teeth. I've recently had a chance to use Houdini and their expression system was a joy to use. (this is not a package vs package thread!! just something that's slightly better implemented). I'd like to be able to type in my expression into any field that a user can edit. This of course only works when the underlying structure allows me to reference any other fields in the scene. Basicly any item that is changable by the user, should be keyable/envelope-ready and be available as a ref so it can be used in other expressions. 'All' of the input fields should be available, which means that MD/PFX/MM should all be integrated so that you can intermix them. This opens up a whole world where you can do some nice automated setups.

On another note, in the rendering dept..

- subpixel displacment (once you use it you won't be able to live without it heh)

- true rendertime subdivision (not dependent on number of smooths but rather always render smooth implicitly)

- finer control of motion blur and dof; this is a bit of personal preference but other renderers setup with samples x samples I've found easier to control, get the quality needed

- true instancing per particle as well as per geo point (the recent HD instance plugin is a descent workaround; but this could be so much better if fully integreted into LW pipline.. oh yes again I'd like to be able to reference other fields with expressions to randomize the instances hehe )

- particle expressions (current system is fine for 90% but sometimes the extra control is needed)

btw even though there is some things that need improvment LW render is amazing. Up to date I've not seen a more efficient/fast renderer that can handle LOTS of polys as well as LW. This is a credit to the programmers behind it; you guys/gals did a wonderful job. And of course everyone knows the Modeler and specificly it's speed is awesome!

That's pretty much it from the top of my head.. Hope it makes sense. The features are there, they just need to be polished up a bit..