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Thread: i want true edges and gizmos...

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    i want true edges and gizmos...

    all the main apps have gizmos and edges to work with..
    but lw does not..
    as i have just made the jump from max 5 to lw..i realy am missing my transform gizmo..
    we have it in layout why not modeller..
    it makes life so much easyer and faster to work with..
    as i like to work in the perspec view only..haveing a transform gizmo
    just makes modelling a joy...
    also i would love to be able to select edges...mirai..max..maya...nendo...xsi....houdini. .they all have edges that you can select and work with..
    it gives the user a lot more power being able to selevt a edge and work with it..i see people making plugs that kind of act like the max/mirai edge tools but there having to work around the problem..and it just not the same selecting the points at eather end of a a edge selection...can we please have edges in the future...
    and dont forgrt the gizmo..
    i mean just a transform gizmo..but a rotate and scale would be even better...
    but id be happy with just a transform gizmo...
    come on lw catch up with all these other apps...
    lw im lovin it..
    just these problems that let down your modeller....i can model so fast in max..using ture poly object edge tools and gizmos..but im gona stick with lw even though im realy slow with it as i know lw is better in the long run..
    thanks newtek....

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    nah, LW doesn't need gizmos.

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    i can see you have never used your gona say
    use your ctrl button arnt you have gizmos anyday..
    i find it realy hard to model with out it....
    layout has them already so why not in modeller...
    how do you go down moving your points one at a time..
    transforming some in x and some y and some z all the time not moving your view point..and know there going were you want them..ill tell you how..with a transform gizmo

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    lightwave allow your mouse to snap to grids when moving vertices. I surely has never felt the need of gizmo. And I do use maya, so I have used modeling app with gizmo. And it's bad when you select 200 points and you have 200 gizmos show up on your screen you don't know which is which.

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    i use max aswell..and there is only one gizmo...if i wanted to have 2oo points selected id put them in a selections set..and if i wanted to move 200 together id use soft selection or a cluster..but i was just meaning that moving one point after another there is only one gizmo on screne..i select my point, transform..then its were i want it ,i then select my next point..and move it were i want iv only ever got 1 point selected..meaning one gizmo on screen,,well i guess its what your realy used realy used to max modelling paradigim..iv been using max for 3 years so im kinda stuck in my ways..but saying that iv swaped to lightwave....and 3 weeks down the road im still with lw. usually fell back to max by now..iv tried maya ple and fell back to max..trie xsi le and fell back to max..btw i work with max...but i use lw at home and im still using it....some of the best 3d iv seen is done with lw...and i love the look of its renderer...

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    Sounds like the Rove tool
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    yea..i found the rove tool the other day ..its kind of like what im after but not quite interactive much clicking involved. The trouble with rove is that it dont apear were the selected vert i could be in a pers view select my point then hit the rove key click were i want my rove to work it looks like it spot on my vert but if i rotate the view port you see that its not on my vert at all its miles away..
    all i want is the same thing thats in a point and theres your gizmo ready to help you move your point.....
    thanks anyway..for posting your pic...

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    I've used tons of apps with gizmos and such, and like what was said before, if I select a ton of verts I don't want a bazzillion gizmos.

    A gizmo really isn't needed. You can see the object you want to move right? You can also see where you want it to go right? Ta-da. No gizmo needed to guide you.

    how do you go down moving your points one at a time?
    I usually select them, then hit "t" to move 'em. When they get to where I want them, I usually stop moving the mouse.
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    well if you have used tons of apps with gizmos you would no that you dont have a bazillion gizmos in the view port......most work by using the avarage normals of the if i select 100 points i get 1 gizmo in the center of my selection..god knows what program you have been using that put up a million gizmos on screen..sounds like the programmer fault ....4 of the best poly modeller s out there have are you saying there wrong and your say lw needs gizmos..their there for a help you..if you dont like them swich them of..but i least give us the option....

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    Lightwave was hailed as the best poly modeler there is. And no one has ever complained about the lack of gizmo. I wouldn't call max a good poly modeler, and it is the app I was talking about where you select a lot of vertices it shows a lot of gizmos. The grid in viewpoint is good enough to help me accurately move vertices.
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    Aint you guys forgetting the Drag Tool? (Ctrl + T)

    It's 'uber powerful' Get the numeric panel up and experiment with the various move drag/move modes.

    and it just not the same selecting the points at eather end of a a edge selection
    Is it really that much harder to select 2 points than it is selecting an edge?


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    im not gona get into a fight about whos the best...but i will say im talking max 5 not max 3..max is one hell of a great poly now has true poly object all the tools scripters are trying to write for lw..check flay for the david ikeda tools..all copies from max 5....and max only ever shows 1 gizmo in the view get your facts straight..i will not reply anymore to this thread i was asking newtek for gizmo..not wanting to get into a fight...btw can i see some of your models that you have made with the use of lws tools set...

    heres mine all made with max's..and will soon have lw stuff on there to.

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    Max only changed their gizmo since version 5. So I was not mistaken. It's still terrible compare to maya's gizmo though. All of max's tools were copied from Maya.

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    how would gizmos work for mouse pivots? I vote no gizmoz

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