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Thread: copying/pasting motion curves

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    copying/pasting motion curves

    If anyone has a quick answer to this, I'd be eternally grateful. I usually work with stills, so I'm more less amn animation noob.
    I'm working on a grid of 60 elongated cubes viewed from one end. The cubes are then extruded toward the camera randomly and rapidly. The model is already built and textured and I've got a couple of the movement curves in place. What I'd like to do is duplicate the z-axis movement (which I can then offset in the graph editor) for the other cubes, so I don't have to keyframe each one individually. I tried "copy time slice" in the graph editor and selecting keyframes in the Dope Sheet but couldn't apply them to other objects. I'm hoping this can be done. Any suggestions? Thanks very much!

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    On graph editor select the channel you want to copy, RMB on it and select copy on the contextual menu. Then select an other object and channel, RMB and past.

    In the dope sheet just expand your item channels select keys, RMB copy. Then expand channels of the other object, select your channels and RMB past.

    It's discribed better in the manual. That works fine for me, so you should have miss something.


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