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Thread: How do I get content off of T[1] now that I have T[2]

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    Unhappy How do I get content off of T[1] now that I have T[2]

    I bought the upgrade to the VideoToaster a few months back and when I got ready to install the software it said I most first completely remove VT[1] and that any data left on the harddrive would be lost and that I should backup any files that I wish to keep which is still not financially fisable seeing how the RTV files can be in the naborhood of 120 gigs easly but I still manage to backup things to tape which works well but I did not think to backup the stock stuff that came with VT[1], so now when I tried adding content from VT[1] I get "you must first install the VT[1] card before adding any content." Any suggestion as to how I can retreive files off first VT[1] cd now that I have upgraded to VT[2]? and will this happen when I upgrade to VT[3]?

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    There's no reason you would have to delete any RTV files when upgrading to VT[2], so I think perhaps the install instructions mislead you in that regard.

    I was able to install the VT[1] content discs without any problem after installing VT[2]. I just ran the setup program on each disc and pointed the install to my video drives. I guess it's not helpful, but I didn't get the same message that you did.

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    As long as your RTV Files aren't in the Content or VideoToaster folders. Those may be deleted by the uninstall.

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