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Thread: Chain dynamics

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    Chain dynamics


    I've modeled a chain along with a low poly chain to do the dynamics, what i want to do is just let the bits of the chain not attached to the wall, just let them fall and dangle. im pretty new to dynamics, and i thought hard body dynamics is what i need, i applied hardbody dynamics and i set up a little hook and applied collision on it, i caluclate and the first chain thats hanging from the hook works, but then the rest of the chains just fall through and dont get collision detected, i tried turning self collision on but that didnt seem to doa nything.

    what would be a good way to do this?


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    There is a tutorial, the one with the monkeys, that would help you I think.

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    i couldnt find any tutorials with monkeys in them, i found a scene file with some monkeys in them but it didnt help much

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    Use a strip of polys to do the dynamics on, then parent the chain to those and apply 'Hardlink' to the chain, and it'll follow the deformation of the poly strip.
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