hi i bought meastro this morning and have had a good play with the models that come with it..and it works pretty darn good too!

now, i want to rig up my own character and was wondering where the video's that cover setting up the bones in modeler were as they do not seem to be on kurv studio's website though i do remember seeing them somewhere!

my main thing is i want to make sure that i'm placing to bones in the right locations in my model and with a correct method...should i use move points or move bones and am i allowed to rotate skelegons at all etc......


also the face rig doesn't seem to be working...in my attempts to get it to work in the default female or male model from meastro...they might need to make a video on this also as it doesn't appear to be the same method in getting it up n running as a bone rig.....and the documents do not cover how to do it [pdf] either.

i'm currently using 1.02 so if the face rig doesn't work with that can someone let me know! [using lightwave 8.2 on pc]