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Thread: What's this PC Stuff??????????????????

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    Exclamation What's this PC Stuff??????????????????

    OK everyone,
    Now we are back to talking about getting into PCs again? Have you looked at the PC forum yet? They are having tons of trouble over there. The problem is that we Mac users are spoiled, and are not accustomed to having to fix our systems all the time. If the PC people have to hook up a car battery to there machines, or use gum wrappers and paper clips to speed up thier processors, they don't complain because that's just what you do. This isn't Jethrows Auto Repair. We use Macs, the Ferraris of the computer world! Newtek just installed the wrong stereo system; that's all. Common Newtek, what gives? Where are we with our upgrade? Give us some feedback so we don't have to listen to anymore of this PC neurosis chatter. These people are like cancer for crying out loud!

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    "Neurosis chatter"???

    If there's a problem then it should be discussed, such as the current dilemma with OS 10.2.5 which is a dangerous combination with Lightwave.

    For those who were early upgraders to 10.2.5, the "chatter" provides confirmation that they are not the only ones having a problem.

    For those who haven't upgraded yet, the "chatter" provides a warning that they shouldn't. It helps people avoid trouble when they learn from others' experiences.

    The "chatter" also provides feedback to Newtek, such as with the LW 7.5b upgrade. The chatter alerted Newtek to withdraw the update.

    It may be depressing talk, but I wouldn't call it neurosis!
    Moral of the day:
    Worry about your own morals, not someone else's!


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