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Thread: Animated Short - The Gnat and the Lion

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    Animated Short - The Gnat and the Lion

    Hey Wavers, So far we seem to be getting good feedback from our little short at the film festivals. The Gnat and the Lion so far will be viewed at 12 film festivals with more to come.

    We just won 2nd place in Animation at the Zoie Film Festival for our little short.
    The short was done using our favorite 3D program - Lightwave.

    If ya want to see some pictures or the trailer please visit our site.



    Thanks for look'n.

    Tony P.


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    looks cool... where is there going to be more?

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Don't think will be putting much more for Gnat and the Lion art on the web, but once we start our new project we will be putting images up for our new short.



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