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Thread: Coming up with characters?

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    Coming up with characters?

    I was wondering, I see all these awsome characters done. But how do people come up with there OWN characters. I am looking to come up with a simple, skinny, biped character so that I can make a short with him (or her) but I seem to not be able to come up with ANYTHING. How does everyone come up with there own characters?


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    Draw some sketches then pick the one that you like.

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    use other people's work as inpiration...than make your own need to have some imagination though...and not all people have it.

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    I find it easier to think of a scene you'd like to see. Then imagine what kind of character you'd like to see in that scene.

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    Thanks you guys for all the feedback, I took your advice and got a character, a plot and now a idea for a short film . Thanks you guys. Expect to see a short film soon.



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