Initially need someone who can rig a human character we have in Lightwave,
create a UVMap and generate a facial expression set up for a
prototype human character. This is very urgent.

Please send a quote (fully inclusive incl all taxes) for a character rig
and unwrapped UVMap (within Lightwave) for the above
and your MC set up if possible (what plugs sort of thing).
The consequences might lead to full time work later in the year
so you may want to give a full time salary expectation if interested,
and send a couple of jpgs or link to:

[email protected]


We might also ask you to tidy up the mesh, add some toe nails, hair
and have a go at texturing depending on time,
aswell as generate a couple of scenes...
The files you provide need to be Mac compat,
though you could use Maestro or Mimic.

Because we also do a mixture of work across industries,
we are looking for freelance allround wavers in general to put on file.

We may not reply to any e-mails for some time, just plain busy,
so please do not be offended by this.

Just to add the projects are strictly confidential as
most of our work involves client trademarks,
so we will not answer any questions regarding this.

Us workbased UK.
You homebased planet earth.