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Thread: Vertex Paint or my graphics card?

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    Vertex Paint or my graphics card?

    Hi, I am going to attatch some images to explain the following steps:

    1) Baked light shade info on Object in Vertex Paint (image1)

    2) Saved to Modler (image 2)

    3) Loaded back up into Vertex Paint and selected refert back to surface color(image 3)

    4) Saved to modler (image 4)

    In image 4 there is a strange anomoly that looks like the effect of painting with the airbrush in Modler without the Alpha chanel. But it is just what is left over after reverting to surface colors.

    Also if I just bake and then revert to surface BEFORE saving to modeler, then save to modeler and compare the surface color with the color map - which should be blank - and the surface without the color map the former is a tad darker.

    Don't know if this is my graphics card (old and lame - don't ask!) or Modeler.

    If it is not reproducable perhaps it's my card.

    Any takers?

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    Just to explain further

    I am just going through the LW8 manual and I found this while experimenting with the Vertex Paint tool. Of course selecting clear map in Modeler erases whatever it is but I was just currious if anybody has seen this. Frankly I don't even know if I'll ever use this part of the tool or why. I'm just doggedly going through the manual and thought it was kinda strange.

    So if anybody has seen this/or not - I'm still waiting....



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