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Thread: Where to buy LW cheap?

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    Where to buy LW cheap?

    Thought some of you might be able to help me out.....My client is looking to buy LW........I know Dynamic-Realities has it for a good price but it seems they're sold
    out....does anyone know where I can get a good deal on it?

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    go down to the bottom of the discussions, right down at the bottom \|/

    There is a LW selling/trading thing see if anyone wants to sell you one second hand for cheap.

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    safe harbor

    Sometimes have special deals on newtek products, and they have excellent customer service. Very competitive pricing.

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    Selling Lightwave

    I 've just bought Lightwave 7,5 to create photorealism. But it's to fastidious to learn.
    I've got the Duo version (Mac & PC), the Material USB key, the reference Manual + the Final Serial. (the whole box) and the receipt.
    I live in France, Montpellier
    The Price 600 $

    my email : [email protected]

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    lw on the cheap

    We wound up getting it from sharbor......a few hundred less than what newtek sells it for.

    thanks for the info.....


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