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Thread: Pencil, Charcole, and Oil like effects Part Two

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    Pencil, Charcole, and Oil like effects Part Two

    Well there are some better examples down at the bottom of this thread:

    Here I have made a really crappy demo scene with a few diffrent setups- it renders the bellow image. I'd write a tutorial, but I'm still only getting my head 90% around some of these. There is no true xyz settings set since a lot is dependent on your model size, it's mesh density, and the look you want etc. The only parts to my method that are constant are animated displacement and in some examples render lines.

    Two effects that I hope to get closer too soon are water colors (lots of PLD and blur length I bet) and marker rendering. I've had some OK results, but they aren't predictable at all...or useable...poooy...

    I'm hope'n to see some others do some cool stuff with this and help fill in the gaps for me and everyone else (proton?)...
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    Very cool... and I love the COMMENTS you left in the Surface Panel.

    Very helpful - very thoughtful.

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    Hey, that is so cool, man! I started doodling around with similar techniques a long time ago, but never took the time to fully explore the possibilities. You da man!

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    Wacom rulez!
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    Excellent thread and beautyfull techniques!!! Keep it coming,this is the most interesting stuff i´ve seen on this forum for a while!!!!

    I am particularilly interested in the oilpaint-like and pastel effects. gorgeous stuff!!

    More More!!
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    Could you load up a scene with these settings,please?
    This stuff should even come with LWs native Presets, it´s that good!
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    Going to have to try this out on a couple of my models.
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    This is right up my alley- outstanding work man.

    It's about time we take 3D to another level. I am getting weary of photorealism..... I have a camera for that. Just kidding- but in all seriousness this is great suff wacom!

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    simply amazing

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    Really nice results, thanks for sharing
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    Wonderful, this would make a great tutorial on Newtek site


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    Hee is a quick test....cant wait to do more with this!

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    Wow very creative stuff.....I am going to have to try this out this weekend! .... Boundaries

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    Would you consider writing this up as a tutorial, so we can add it to our site?
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    pretty cool looking stuff.

    how do you guys prevent the flickering from occuring during an animation?

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