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Thread: Tool for twine rope/chain?

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    Tool for twine rope/chain?

    If I make a long rope or chain, is there a tool I can easy make it twining around another object? Moving every point is a longtiming and boring work.
    I have seen a tutorial about this where you drawed a line and the rope/chain followed that line, but I don't remember where I saw this tutorial.

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    Ah thanks, will try it and see how it works.
    Will this plugin work for LW 8?

    Off topic to Elemental233:
    How to translate pages into english? I found many pages with other launges than english and would like to translate them into english.
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    Look nice...will try it too

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    Hey dude just copyed the link into googles search, so it would find the page then all i did was click beside the link that said translate. cool huh. it can translate a lot of languages, but sum time it cant

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    Hi there,

    you might find something useful in this thread


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    Quote Originally Posted by Coremi and Elemental233
    Sorry, haven't got time to try this until now. Me little confused about the plugin. I have add this C_bend in "Add-plug-ins", but I can't find this tool, how to open it???

    And of course I found it a few secs after I wrote here Looked for C_bend, but the name was PICTRiX_c_bend.
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