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Thread: (8.2 Fix)OpenGL Motion Blur, DOF not working

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    (8.2 Fix)OpenGL Motion Blur, DOF not working

    It states in the fixed list of 8.2 that Open GL MB and DOF have now been fixed.

    OK, so this isn't so much a bug report as a request as to how OpenGL motion blur and depth of field can be used.

    Haven't seen any switches or buttons for them and I certainly haven't seen them working in scenes utilising MB or DOF.

    Is there something I'm missing? My graphics cards aren't the last word in modern technology but both are capable of showing effects in the latest games.

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    Works here.

    Camera view.

    MB or DOF selected with whatever AA level.

    Press Ctrl-Shift-F9

    Updates in a few seconds depending on what view mode.

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    Ah, thought it might have been something silly. Did a search the other day for depth of field and it came up with nothing on opengl, just searched the online help again for "opengl depth of field" and there it was.

    Cheers Gristle

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    there used to be a flash based tutorial on this on luxologys website...but since modo came out the tutorials on lightwave have bit the dust!....
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