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Thread: VT[4] CG and VTvision: bug?

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    VT[4] CG and VTvision: bug?

    When I select VTvision in CG in order to view the viodeo under the text page the text disappear, as if the video is beign placed over the text an not under it. Is it a bug or ther are some wrong settings?

    I've installed SP1 and sicerely I don't remember if it was the same before this installation because it'olny few days that I own VT[4].

    Thanks a lot.

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    Shut down VT[4] and run the "Oops I messed my config.bat" in the VT[4] directory.
    See if that helps.
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    Also try this ..... open up the switcher select the input with VT-Edit..... AND turn on the DSK.... then try typing .... you should see it.


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