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Thread: Batch Capture

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    Batch Capture

    Has any one ever got Batch capture to work?
    I try to captuer-it starts- deck pre rolls- deck plays-from then on nothing happens- tapes rolls fore ever-then lose control of deck-start over same thing happens.
    will we ever have batch capture?
    Running sp1

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    Please, please email Newtek tech support about this!

    I've contacted them about my experiences (see the other Batch Capture thread below this one) and they have only been able to duplicate a few of my bugs...

    On the good side, Andrew Cross emailed me that a patch concerning the ones they were able to nail down is almost ready. (This would be the bizarre numbers inserted in a completed batch capture event when you try to change the existing In Point with a new one).
    “The Difficult is that which can be done immediately; the Impossible is that which takes a little longer.”
    - George Santayana ...

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    Thanks for staying on top of this one, Harvey.

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    Roll of the dice

    I still find Batch Capture a bit of a crapshoot.

    I'm using a little Sony GV-D900 as the source. VT4 talks to it well. But at times, the deck will roll and the window says I'm capturing but the signal is not being read. The resulting AVI is corrupt. My only voodoo solution is to turn the deck on and off - that seems to kick VT4 in the butt.

    I will admit that SP1 is a bit more forgiving if you want to make a correction.

    Let's hope the fix improves BC even more and makes it less of a gamble.



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