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Thread: LW7.5 to LW8 upgrade questions

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    LW7.5 to LW8 upgrade questions

    I purchased my 7.5 shortly before 8 was released, and got the 8 upgrade in the mail. This was several months ago of course.

    At the time, I really didn't need to upgrade so I kept using 7.5 and didn't bother with 8.

    Now I've seen some things that apparently require some of 8's new features, so I'm finally looking to upgrade. I open the package, and there is no hardware key? Am I supposed to use my 7.5 key?

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    Yep. You will need to get a new license key to make it work, you can get that off the Newtek web site, no human contact required. Just register it, it will give you a new license key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baeksoo
    Am I supposed to use my 7.5 key?
    Correct. The online registration is a snap. If you have the MAC/PC dongle you can use the same dongle on a Mac or PC (not at the same time of course). You just need to register it once on the PC and once on the Mac. If you don't have the duel dongle you can upgrade it.


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