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    well im thinking bout buying lightwave 3d, but im not sure how flexible it is, meaning artistic do u have to be, or how good at drawing do you need to b, i was wondering, is there a free trial version i could download,like a 30 day trial , cuz it seems like a really good program, and another question is, do i need inspire to run lightwave? some one told me i do need inspire. So i would be greatfull if someone could help me. ThANks

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    You do NOT need insipre, I don't even know if they sale that anymore.

    I never drew at all before LightWave, and I've done fine, although any art expericnce helps.

    There is a demo, but right now its not available for download. Its called discovery edition, and you can find it on a lot of current CG magazine CD's.

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    I have had no art experiance before, or whilst i use LW. however what is important is good spatial skills. Can you percive things for when you finish, and are you patient enough to work and work to get something right?


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    While "traditional" (aka 2d) art skills aren't required at all, they of course help. Some fantastic work is in the gallery section, done by people using Lightwave for the first time.

    2D skill will mostly come in handy for texture mapping. I've noticed the rest of my 3D skills developing (modelling, animating, lighting, rendering,) my texture-mapping skills are lagging in part to my lack of 2D graphics skills. But, I think texture mapping ability can be developed just as can modelling or lighting, since it's a rather specific form. So, no, you don't have to be "artistic" in the sense of experience or training in traditional 2D artforms.

    As for a lightwave demo, I know you can get one from Newtek, I have a demo CD sitting on my shelf. The lightwave section of the Newtek site should have a link to where you can order a demo CD.

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    as far as training

    I was a bfa in studio art with an emphasis in painting, and a minor in theater. My painting skills have helped me a lot in LW, but my Sculpture classes really have helped me a lot more as have the theater classes. I'd suggest to anybody wanting to get into 3d to take at least one sculpture class, one figure drawing class, one painting class, and one theater class just to get a feel for some of the traditional techniques


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