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Thread: About F-Prime

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    About F-Prime

    So I was looking around and it just seems so many people answer questions about speed with "Buy F-Prime" Personally I just can't afford the (pretty) hefty price tag (And I'm not sure I agree with the buy more stuff option) but I was wondering: Just how many of us out there have it? How many people consider it a necessity to their LW work? I seriously don't think that NT would integrate such a tool into LW (look at all the profit loss to Whorley) but if everyone IS buying it maby there are some issues to be addressed with the current engine (I know, 8.2 comming and all that...but).
    Anyway, Just wondering about the trend

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    Yes, I have it!

    I`m just a hobbyist and doin L.w. for fun.
    I find FPrime very, very useful.

    Put a way some money every month,
    and...Ta Daa...soon you have it!

    No more F9-
    use FPrime!
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    I have it, paid for by myself, it was worth it
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    Without a doubt the BEST plugin you will ever buy, totally changes how you work, worth every penny, beg steal and borrow to buy it - need I say more?
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    It's the only plugin I have paid for and it is well worth the price. Especially if you are doing rad renders on a regular basis like me.

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    Also the only plugin I've ever purchased, worth every penny, and I'm only a hobbiest.

    If nothing else, it makes surfacing REALLY easy. It smokes Viper.

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    I think that Fprime is worth what I paid for it but I have a few reservations.
    I'm really hoping to see some improvements soon either to the Fprime program itself or as in the Lightwave SDK to open up more to allow Fprime to do what it is designed to do.
    Don't expect Fprime to be better then the lightwave renderer in terms of speed in all situations. In several cases I've found it to be slower in terms of speed vs. quality. Sure, you can see a 5 bounce monte carlo almost instantly in Fprime, but you're just looking at the first pass and you can expect to wait many passes before that clears up enough to be usuable. I've seen it do several hundred passes and still have noticable grain in it. But generally I can get a much faster render out of Fprime then I can with Lightwave. Unless of course, I'm rendering volumetrics or using shaders which Fprime can't see.
    The beauty of FPrime is that you get almost instant feedback on your lighting, especially in radiosity.

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    I agree, FPrime is the money really worth. (it's fun to work with, surfacing ect,lightning, or just playing/experimenting).
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    FPrime is worth it. Even if it didn't have the renderer, it would be worth it. To get instant feedback on your lighting and texturing is so incredible I'm stuck coming up with words great enough to praise it. I personally feel my lighting and texturing has improved vastly due to it because of how quickly you you can change and try something different instead of change, F9, wait............ ah, no that's crap, change, F9, wait...........hmmm, maybe if I do this, F9, wait..........

    I've found radiosity to render faster then native LW and scenes with transparency and refraction really get faster. DOF not only looks better, but renders faster, too.

    btw - 1000th post. Holy crap
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra
    btw - 1000th post. Holy crap
    Ah yes, the good old days...

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    Well if I wasn't banned for awhile I'd have more
    I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence

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    it's the only plugin I bought too, it is very good, it saves a lot of time when texturing and lighting..

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    Quote Originally Posted by JML
    it's the only plugin I bought too, it is very good, it saves a lot of time when texturing and lighting..
    Same here only plugin ever bought since using LW from 5.0. It is worth every penny.

    I don't use LW often anymore [As I'm getting another Degree in CS from NMT, that is if you are wondering why.], but when I do go in to I use FPrime over the Native Renderer.

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    Is Fprime an actual renderer? And what about G2, does that not give you feedback on your renderings and lighting as well? And why buy Fprime over G2?

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    You should read the Worley site. Just about any question you could have about it is there, except for when any kind of update will be.

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